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Aerocon Blocks are a product of HIL’s intensive efforts in developing green building products and are manufactured in collaboration with H+H Celcon, U.K.. An innovation in the industry, Aerocon Blocks are the new generation in walling material, substituting conventional and environmentally unsustainable materials like clay bricks, concrete and hollow blocks.

This revolutionary product is light weight and fire resistant, making it ideal for building in earthquake and other disaster-prone areas. In addition, its energy efficiency helps to maintain a moderate temperature within a building and gives you an enormous saving on energy bills.

With our Aerocon Blocks, the construction industry will also see a unique flexibility in design. These blocks come in a wide range of thicknesses, so that instead of being compelled to build a conventional 9-inch thick wall, you could build a thinner, yet sturdy wall.

What it's made of

Aerocon Blocks are AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks. They are made with a mixture of cement, fly ash, lime, an aeration agent and water. Assisted by an aeration process, these involve very closely controlled processes that result in a unique, light-weight cellular structure and a dimensionally accurate block.

Product variations

Based on various needs for internal and external walls, Aerocon Blocks are also available in variants such as infill blocks, Jumbo blocks and Thermal blocks. While they all have common advantages, these are especially suited for good quality, low-cost and energy-efficiency walls.

Product sizes

For the first time, Aerocon Blocks let you build walls with a thickness of your choice :from 75mm (3") to 300mm (12"). Which means, instead of the conventional 9" thick wall, you can build a 6" aerocon wall - getting more floor space and durable wall strength at the same time.

Aerocon Blocks
  Size Thickness
Aerocon Blocks 600X200 MM, 75,100,125,150,200 & 230 mm
Infill Blocks 600 X 600 MM 75,100,125,150,200  mm
Jumbo Blocks 600 X 300 MM, 75,100,125,150,200  mm
Aerocool Thermal Blocks 300 X 200 MM 50  mm