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CHARMINAR is HIL's flagship brand of Fibre Cement roofing solutions. A household name for decades,  Charminar Fibre cement  sheets are the largest selling in India and have almost become a generic brand.

A market leader, our Charminar Newkor Fibre cement corrugated sheets are the choice of millions when it comes to homes, factories, farms, warehouses and sheds. Being economical, incombustible, robust, light-weight, easy to work with, resistant to corrosion and salty weather, these are the No. 1 choice for roofs and walls.


What it's made of

A Charminar Corrugated Roofing Sheet is made from Fibre, Portland Cement and Binder. The fibre in these sheets acts as a strong reinforcement like steel does in RCC. These sheets are manufactured to exceed the requirements of strength specified by relevant Indian standards.

Standards and Specifications

  • IS: 459-1992 Specification for Corrugated and Semi-Corrugated Fibre cement  sheets.
  • IS: 3007 - 1999 Code of practice for Fibre cement sheets, Part-I, Corrugated Sheets.
  • IS: 1626 (Part3) 1994 - Roofing fittings